Sport and diabetes

Sport improves your physical and psychological condition.

It also prevents cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer, stress, and promotes a healthy weight.

Sport has a preventive and curative impact on diabetes because of its hypoglycaemic effect; glucose levels are decreased 1 to 2 hours after 30 minutes of exercise.

Regular physical activity is essential in the treatment of diabetes, especially Type 2.

Limit inactivity

Change your daily routine to include exercise :
  • Climb stairs instead of using escalators or lifts
  • Travel on foot or by bicycle instead of driving
  • Get off the bus or tube stop preceding the scheduled one and walk to your destination
  • Gardening

Advice prior to sport

  • Warm up and cool down for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Start gradually
  • Make sure you are comfortable enough that you are still able to speak during exercise
  • Drink sufficiently to avoid dehydration
  • Do not do sports alone
  • Check your blood sugar regularly
  • Always have something sugary with you
  • Activity should be steady throughout the week: the repetition of several sessions per week is required
  • Suggested exercise:
    • 2 hours of walking
    • 30 minutes jogging
    • Cycling for 1 hour
    • Swimming

Consult your doctor before starting sport

Your doctor will be able to advise you regarding sport:
  • Help you to choose the sport best suited to your condition
  • Determine the pace and intensity of your exercise
  • Advise against dangerous sports such as skydiving and mountain climbing
  • Help to check there are no contraindications with your prescribed medicine
  • Help you to know what precautions to take
  • Help you to adjust the dose of your injected insulin according to the exercise intensity
  • Recognise and prevent episodes of hypoglycaemia
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