Diabetic Education

Diabetes is an unusual disease during which complications may occur with little warning, sometimes with severe consequences. Therefore, Diabetes is a disease that must be strictly monitored.

You will be given expert advice and education to understand the different stages of your illness, so that you can manage it yourself on a daily basis.

Understanding the disease, its origin, risk factors and complications are the basic principles of diabetic education.

Diabetic education is necessary for you and your close relatives. This education includes:
  • Developing a rigorous nutritional framework to manage your diet
  • Knowing how to eat and cook
  • Adapting exercise and sport
  • Remaining motivated as periods of "letting go" can lead to complications
  • Understand how to monitor your glucose levels
  • Understanding insulin:
    • Knowing which insulin to inject and how fast it will act
    • Injection techniques
    • Knowing where to inject insulin
    • Knowing how to adapt insulin treatment according to your glucose level
  • Knowing the risks of hypoglycaemia and how to treat it
  • Knowing the signs of ketoacidosis and how to deal with it
  • Monitoring your weight
  • Understand how to prevent diabetic complications
  • Monitoring the condition of your feet
  • Stop smoking
  • Regular updates on developments in diabetes treatment

You will be able to find out more information from your GP, diabetic specialist, dietician, and diabetic nurse.
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