Stress and diabetes

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The stress of the diagnosis

  • When you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is a real shock to many patients.
  • It means that you will have a chronic disease for the rest of your life and will need to take care permanently.
  • You may find it difficult to modify your life imposed by the disease and its treatment.
  • Sometimes, it feels impossible to make so many changes, whilst also living a "normal life".
  • Injecting daily insulin is not always well accepted in the community.

The effect of stress on diabetes

There are several effects of stress on diabetes, and it is important to recognise these.
Stress and your emotions can have an unpredictable impact on your glycaemic control.
  • Stress causes an increase in hormones such as catecholamines, resulting in an increase in your glucose levels.
  • It is more difficult to monitor and treat your diabetes efficiently if you are stressed.
  • Stress can also cause behaviours that are detrimental to diabetics, such as overeating, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco or cannabis, or taking drugs.
  • The risk of depression is higher in diabetics.

How to overcome stress in a diabetic?

  • Accept your diagnosis: people who accept their diabetes have better control
  • Try to accept to live with and not against the disease
  • To express your anxiety and/or anger; it is healthier not to keep frustration bottled up inside to avoid these feeling spiralling out of control
  • Get involved in one of the many patient associations - they will provide advice as well as support
  • Do not try to be too perfect and think you can take total control of the disease: this can be exhausting and depressing if things go wrong
  • To trust your GP and/or specialist involved in managing your diabetes
  • Some patients find counselling or psychiatry specialist input helpful in dealing with the disease


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Estrés y diabetes
Estrés y diabetes