Allergies: the manifestations

There are a few allergic conditions that sometimes need further investigation and treatment by a specialist doctor, however, many children will grow out of these problems as they get older. Consult with your GP if you have any concerns or your child has allergic tendencies.

Below is a guide as to when further specialist help may be beneficial.


Recurrent bronchitis and bronchiolitis

  • Episodes of bronchiolitis and recurrent bronchitis.
  • A child who has at least three episodes of bronchiolitis, several episodes of wheezing, also known as "wheezy bronchitis" or "asthmatic bronchitis"
  • More

Chronic cough episodes

  • Episodes of cough worsened at work
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The appearance of urticaria, difficulty in breathing or angioedema occurring within minutes after a meal.

Chronic conjunctivitis

Bees and wasps stings

  • Violent reactions wasps, bees or hornets stings ...
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An angioedema or anaphylaxis

To learn more about angioedema or anaphylactic shock

Suspected food allergy

To learn more about food allergy

Suspicion of allergy to latex

Suspected allergy to medicine


The chronicity of events

The chronicity of the mentioned events (rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, cough, bronchitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, eczema, urticaria ..) lasting for several months or years, especially if one or more family members are already suffering from allergy requires to have an allergy assessment by an allergy specialist.
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