Choosing the right anti-ageing cream

Wrinkles around the eyes or laughter lines as they are commonly called gradually appear with ageing. Do not despair, as there is an array of anti-ageing creams that are available to help you. However, with the growing selection of products on the market it's difficult to know which ones to choose. We offer you a page to deal with all wrinkling aspects and teach you how to win this long battle.

Two enemies to be avoided: Smoking and sun

In addition to natural ageing, smoking and the sun contribute to the appearance of wrinkles on your face. Stopping smoking should be a number one priority. In all cases, anti-ageing cream will need to contain UV filters to fight against the action of the sun.

Retinol, polyphenols: weapons against oxidation

  • Retinol is very popular among anti-ageing creams. It is nothing more than vitamin A, which plays a part in the antioxidation of the skin.
  • Similarly to vitamin C or E, retinol slows down the ageing of the skin.
  • The action of polyphenols is to prevent antioxydation of the skin. Polyphenols are derived from plants and are often present in creams as green tea extract or grapes pips. Look out for them in cream when buying your anti-ageing cream.

Trace-elements: top value

Creams containing trace-elements such as zinc and selenium is good. They have an antioxidant role, they help with skin scarring and an extra characteristic of trace-elements is that they synthesize collagen, well-known for its anti-wrinkle action.

Hydrate your skin

Experts stress the importance of keeping the skin hydrated and recommend "the application of cosmetic products to control hydration".
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