Facial exercises

Keeping toned skin without going through 'plastic surgery' is possible thanks to easy facial exercises.

By oxygenating your muscles and by stimulating blood circulation, with daily sessions of 5 to 10 minutes will guarantee you a firmer skin.

Smile, you are developing your facial muscles

  • Laughing is good to keep high spirits; it is also good for the muscles of your face. Hearty laughter will stimulate all the muscles in your face.

Crow's feet

Are crow's feet starting to appear in the corner of your eyes? Develop the muscles of your eyelids to smooth out those little wrinkles; - with your fingers, slightly draw the skin from your temples towards your ears and screw up your eyes as if looking into the distance for 20 seconds, 3 times consecutively.

Smoothing your forehead

  • To make your face smoother, open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows, without screwing up your face.
  • To smooth out dark rings, put your forefinger on the external corner of your eyes by closing the eyelids for about twenty seconds. Repeat 3 times.


  • "A ! E ! I ! O ! U ! ", articulate these vowels in the morning when you wake up: the contour of your lips will be more elastic.
  • To make your lips more voluptuous, accentuate the letter "O" by slightly drawing the skin from your cheeks towards the ears with the palm of the hand.