Fighting against dry or fragile hair

Why do we suffer from dry hair?

The hair follicle is composed of 3 parts:
  • The hair bulb (the "root") , in the scalp
  • The epidermic sheath, opening of the scalp's skin, forming a canal allowing the hair stem to appear from the scalp
  • The hair stem or shaft : is made up of dead, hard protein called Keratin. It is these keratin molecules that are weakened by dryness , giving hair a dull and dry appearance and causes 'split ends'. Split ends is hair that is damaged and unrepairable.

Damage to our hair often occurs when :
  • The hair dryer is too hot and used too closely to the hair
  • The use of aggressive or harsh hair products such as shampoos, hair spray and hair dye
  • Hair appliances - brushes, curling tongues, straightening irons...

Hair care

The use of shampoos and cosmetics for dry hair (capillary balsams) generally have a temporary effect .

A long term solution to treating dry hair compromises of:
  • Keep your hair trimmed, cutting off the split ends is the only way to get rid of them. The damage to the hair shaft has already been done.
  • Nutrients, vitamins and supplements for dry hair. The 'B' group of vitamins are particularly good and provide the hair root with what they need to produce beautiful hair.

DR L.Rousseau