Facial rejuvenation without cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is no longer as popular, with less invasive and gentler techniques now available. The use of surgery and having a face lift will always be a choice, however the use of hyaluronic acid is increasing for skin rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid is replacing collagen implants and has been an important technological advance in last two years. It is used to reabsorb face and neck wrinkles and it offers the advantage of being less allergenic and gives better results than collagen.

A simple injection

Comparable in its format, hyaluronic acid is given via an injection under the skin to an area to be treated. Its results are almost immediate as it works by filling in superficial or deeper wrinkles.

Be aware that the injections can lead to some red patches where the hyaluronic acid was injected, especially with people who have a sensitive skin, however, these red patches usually disappear quite quickly.

Several sessions are required

The hyaluronic acid will not prevent new wrinkles from appearing so further treatment may be desired. To maintain those youthful looks, further injections are necessary approximately every six to ten months.

Prices of treatment and sessions will vary depending on the type specialist and treatment you choose.