Allergy to cockroaches

Cockroaches are found in humid and warm places containing food: kitchens, ventilation shafts, garbage areas.
They can survive for up to 90 days without food.
15 to 20% of allergic children are allergic to cockroaches. This allergy increases with people living in bad hygiene and unhealthy conditions.
  • Ventilate areas every day
  • Store food properly and ensure all crumbs and food remains are cleaned up.
  • Do not keep any packaging and cardboard from supermarkets, as they often contain cockroach eggs which will eventually develop into cockroaches.
  • Fill in holes with silicone, near electric sheaths as well as plinths and install grids in front of ventilation systems.
  • Fill in cracks in the walls
  • Contact a specialised company to tackle any infestations in your home.