Healthy party menus: drinks and appetisers

Christmas, New Year and celebrations can cause concern for those who do not want to put on too much weight.

It is possible to have a good time, enjoy the partying and avoid weight gain by following a few essential rules.


  • Avoid unhealthy snacks such as nuts and crisps : salted peanuts, almonds and crisps can amount to more than 600Kcal per 100 grams
  • Avoid salty canapies such as quiches, which are very calorific, about 350 KCalories per 100 grams
  • Choose raw vegetables, cherry tomatoes, melon, celery, with a creamy chives dip (15 to 20 Calories per 100 grams) </gras


  • Choose a glass of champagne which amounts to about 80 calories per glass where as a glass of whiskey for example which can reach more than 200 Calories.
  • Think low calorie drinks or fruit juices
  • Avoid calorific alcoholic cocktails
  • Choose alcohol that is low in carbohydrate such as spirits with a low calorie mixers (Gin and Vodka) and white wine.
  • Drink a glass of water before any glass of alcoholic drink
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