Sports and physical activities during pregnancy

Keeping active and doing certain sports is good for you during pregnancy.
However, it is advised to see your GP or midwife before commencing or continuing any sports.
Women who normally exercise regularly should be able to continue moderate exercise, taking certain precautions during their pregnancy.

High impact and contact sports should be avoided completely. This includes racquet sport and involves the risk of abdominal trauma, falls or excessive joint stress and scuba diving, which could permanently harm your baby.

Physical activity during pregnancy enables you

  • To keep fit, especially those abdominal muscles
  • To control excessive weight gain
  • To relax and reduce anxiety
  • To prevent the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension.
  • Stimulates a healthy diet
  • Helps regain figure after childbirth

It is important to warm up and stretch your muscles before exercising.

Recommended sports

  • Walk 30 minutes a day
  • Yoga
  • The exercise bike
  • Swimming and water aerobics: swimming, is an ideal sport as pregnant woman's weight is reduced when in the water. Diving must be avoided.

Sports to avoid

  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Martial arts
  • Horse riding
  • Diving
  • Endurance sports
  • Extreme sports

Sports are not recommended in twin and multiple pregnancies. Check with your GP or midwife first and remain active but reduce aerobic physical activity.

Exercise should be stopped during periods of tiredness or contractions.

Extreme sports in early pregnancy are not recommended.

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