Forking consists in eating in the evening food which is not cut with a knife or which is not eaten with a spoon or fingers.

The only food allowed is food which can only be eaten with a fork. Indeed, the most calorific food requires the use of a knife. Thus to eat with a fork, decreases the quantities of calorie intake during the meal.

The second meal of the day, at midday, is not constrained to any specific food. One should not eat too much during the day, nor help oneself again and eat balanced food.

Forbidden food

  • Food which is eaten with the fingers; peanuts, sandwiches, fruits, bread, strawberry
  • Food which is eaten with a spoon: soup, sauces, yoghourts, ice-creams, creams
  • Those which are eaten with a knife : sausage, meat, cheese...

Authorised food

Food which can be eaten with a fork: fish, vegetables, rice...
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