The vegetarian diet

A Vegetarian diet normally excludes meat. A Vegan diet further excludes all animal proteins from the food: this diet is based on eating fruits, vegetables and cereals.

It is necessary to eat a lot of dry cereals and vegetables at each meal in order to eat sufficient proteins.

Some vegetarians allow themselves to eat meat from time to time and also fish.

Eggs and dairy products are eaten by vegetarians but not vegans.

Positive aspects of the diet

  • A possible decrease in cardiovascular disease
  • A decrease in bad cholesterol
  • A decrease in hypertension
  • A decrease in diabetes
  • A decrease in BMI, (Body Mass Index)

Negative aspects of the diet

  • Sometimes sufficient quantities of protein are not consumed
  • Risks of deficiency in vitamin B12 and Zinc

This diet is not recommended for children because of the deficiencies which it could cause.

Expectant mothers may required vitamin supplements as there body demands more iron during pregnancy.
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