The detox diet and fasting

The detox diet or fasting is currently very trendy. Its theory rests on the idea that "we clean our body and purify it from all its toxins".

In this diet, solid food is eliminated.

Nutrition is limited to simple liquids: soups, lemon juices, and teas are allowed.

Partial fasting consists of a minimal calorific intake of vegetable stocks, whole fruits and fruit juices which provide carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

This diet seems spectacular because it is possible to lose up to 5 kilos in one week.

According to its followers, this diets allows;
  • all feelings of hunger to be eliminated
  • feelings of being slim and "light"
  • a decrease in episodes of
    • Constipation
    • Rheumatisms
    • Digestive disorders

Risks of this diets

  • This diet is not realistic long term because any weight lost is regained very quickly, and sometimes even more.
  • Feelings of frustration and deprivation appear
  • A lack of energy and intense exhaustion quickly appears. This is due to muscle loss and the lack of energy
  • A cardiac arrest is possible if this diet is prolonged because of heart muscle loss which occurs when someone stops completely eating.
  • If the diet is prolonged vitamin and nutrient deficiencies occur.
  • Risks of cardiovascular events, disorders of the heart rhythm
  • Feelings of faintnesses and light headedness can occur due to a drop in blood sugar and arterial blood pressure.
  • Immune defenses are decreased causing a risk of infection.
  • It is not compatible with a social and professional life.
  • The weight regain after detoxing is caused by the body's need for fat.

Advice before fasting

  • It is essential to ensure you are healthy being embarking on this diet. If engaging in any sporting events medical help should be sort and exercise avoided if at all possible.

People who should avoid this diet

  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the cardiac rhythm
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Taking daily medication: consulting your doctor is essential
  • Cancer, chronic diseases.... NON EXHAUSTIVE LIST
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