Dangerous and banned medication used to help weight loss

Thyroid extracts

Thyroid extracts were used a long time for slimming. They are now banned. Thyroid extracts cause hot flushes and sweats, palpitations, tremors and anxiousness. These substances are dangerous because they can lead to heart disorders that can sometimes be fatal.


Diuretics were used for a long time to help to lose weight. They are now banned for losing weight.

Diuretics do not help you to loose fat or cellulite. The effects of this medication causes dehydration, a drop in blood pressure that can cause prolonged tiredness, dizziness and severe fainting.

In addition, diuretics can cause anomalies of the heart rhythm this is caused by a loss of potassium, which is excreted in your urine and can cause fatal accidents.

Appetite suppressants and amphetamines

These drugs are supposed to help lose weight but have been banned for many years, because of their side-effects, depression, serious psychotic disorders and cardiovascular and lung complications.

Some of them are still prescribed by certain doctors in preparations produced at chemists.

Herbal based medicines and preparations

If you take herbal or plant products for loosing weight, always ask exactly what it is that you're taking, it's composition and the contraindications of these products.

Having accurate information about what you're taking is important as herbal and plant preparations have potential side-effects, contraindications, and sometimes interact with other medicines.
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