Mesotherapy for losing weight or reducing cellulite: a scam?

Mesotherapy consists in injecting homeopathic medicine under the skin.
  • Originally this method was used to treat pain by injecting anti inflammatory medication, in particular for sports injuries.
  • For the treatment of weight loss, mesotherapy has become trendy, but is very expensive and it's efficiency has never been proved.
  • Doctors give injections once or twice a week for several months, for which the fees can mount up a few thousand pounds.
  • The results can be poor for weight loss.
  • It is unlikely you will be told what products are injected to help with weight loss and they can be a mixture of vitamins, vasodilator agents and unknown drugs.

Dangers of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy can sometimes be dangerous.

In April 2007, 13 women and a man suffered with abscesses caused by the mesotherapy injections intended to dissolve their cellulite. Although it was carried out by a doctor, unfortunately they acquired rare hospital-acquired infections, which required surgical treatment.
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