Curvaceous women are accepting their extra weight

More and more women are accepting their bodies with those few extra pounds and enjoying their natural curves and well rounded figure.

Are those slim waists and skinny bodies becoming less popular ?

Many women learn how to love their body accepting it with its defects and its extra pounds. They are enjoying life without thinking about their weight and going on diets, which are mentally, and physically draining.

Is not being satisfied more important than struggling with dieting and being frustrated, and unsatisfied?

Curvaceous women are enjoying attractive and sexier clothes. They want to be noticed and will wear low neck lines, short skirts and trendy colours and styles. Fashions are changing and are a lot more inclusive of the more rounded figure.

But here is the dilemma, our health, which should not be compromised or put in danger.

What do men think about it?

Numerous men, even if they do not always acknowledge it, love the round, voluptuous and large women. They find them sensual and enjoy making love.

In addition, many men think that women who are obsessed with their weight and diets are less at ease with their bodies and do not let their inhibitions go during sexual intercourse.