Do not delay in getting help

The facts

Allergies are ranked fourth by the WHO's classification of pathologies.
Approximately 1 in 3 people are affected by allergies and many experts estimate there will be a 50% increase over the next ten years.
However, the number of undiagnosed and poorly managed people that suffer with allergies (adults and children) , represent more than 50% of allergic people.
In addition, 70% of allergic people are not correctly treated . As a result some allergic people with suffer with symptoms daily for months even years. Symptoms can range from mild to severe but if left untreated can cause or worsen asthma symptoms, which can be detrimental.

Making the diagnosis too late

Unfortunately there is a lack of NHS allergy services, which as a result as diagnosis can be delayed.

Often children present with recurrent episodes of runny nose, sore throats, and respiratory difficulties and are given a variety of treatments. However, these symptoms can be allergy related and once tested parents discover that their child is allergic to dust mites or a pet

Diagnosing pollen related allergies is a more straight forward, as symptoms present themselves during those prominent months of year and traditional antihistamines are normally sufficient. However, those with severe hay fever problems traditional treatments may not be enough and their lives can be miserable having to live with the symptoms.

How many of these sufferers know that there are other treatments that can halt their allergy?

How many of them know that they have asthma and that their allergic rhinitis is worsening?

Why are patients poorly dealt with?

The problems are two fold a lack of trained specialist doctors and huge gap in NHS resources to fund allergy clinics. Allergies are not deemed as a priority service, and most symptoms are deemed as minor, except those more life threatening conditions.

However,the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies have improved. They are scientifically based and evaluated and the demand for specialist knowledge has grown as allergies affects many disciplines ENT, paediatrics, dermatology.

Clues to help you identify your allergy symptoms

Recognising and dealing with your allergy symptoms promptly can make huge difference to the amount and type of suffering your will have./gras>!!!

The following symptoms can develop over months and years and often people learn to live with them, however, your quality of live can be considerably improved if treated so think allergy if your recognise these symptoms.
  • Episodes of a frequent runny nose and sinus infections requiring antibiotics.
  • A chronic Rhinitis developing over several months or years.
  • Episodes of bronchitis, or repetitive bronchitis...
  • Newborn who has had at least three episodes of bronchiolitis, several episodes of respiratory wheezes or asthma type symptoms.
  • Persistent dry tickly cough.
  • Asthma: let us recall that more than 80% of the causes of asthma in a child are of allergic origin and that more than 50% of asthmatics are adults.
  • Appearance of urticaria, a respiratory discomfort or Quincke's oedema, a few minutes after a meal.
  • Chronic episodes of conjunctivitis
  • A pollenic rhinitis which is getting worse every year
  • Eczema impervious to the usual treatments
  • Violent reactions or worsening reactions after wasp, bee or hornet stings...
  • An epsisode of anaphylactic shock
  • The suspicion of food allergy

Only see accredited doctors

Do not waste you money on testing kits or miracle cures off the internet, always see you GP in the first instance and they can offer some testing and advise you about NHS and private referrals.
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