Pre and post natal mortality

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Women still die during labour. In the USA in 2004 there were 13 deaths per 100000 live births.

In the UK in 2008 there were 7.4 deaths per 1000 births - its lowest level recorded.
  • Post partum hemorrhage, occurring after delivery, is still an important cause of maternal death.
  • Half of these deaths could be avoided in most cases.

Reducing maternal deaths

  • There are some links to women embarking on pregnancy later on in life and pregnancy complications. The risks increase after the age of 35.
  • Those women who do not access antenatal care are more likely to have complications.
  • High blood-pressure is a huge risk:
    • Any signs of hypertension and treatment must be commenced and regularly monitored.
    • Sudden headaches, abdominal pains, visual disturbance require a quick check-up to make sure your blood-pressure is within safe limits and to check the urine for possible protein - a sign of poorly controlled blood pressure.
    • Severe hypertension requires urgent intervention.

Fighting infections

Some infections can be harmful during pregnancy therefore during any illness and a check up is recommended, so investigations can be carried out and treatments initiated.