Sexual trends in the UK

The WHO defines sexuality as an integral part of our health.

A healthy sex life can give you self-confidence and a feeling of well-being, as well as pleasure.

It is often embarrassing talking about your sex life and any concerns you may have.

Many magazines try to highlight sexual issues which enable both men and women to be more open about sex, and to seek medical help if required.

UK Statistics in Sexual Health

The UK Office for National Statistics conducts an anonymous survey to collect data for the government or non-profit public use.

The most recent published trends regarding sexual behaviour were published in 2009 and the main developments are outlined below:
  • A quarter of 16 - 24 year-old men had not yet had sex.
  • Above the age of 25, more men than women reported multiple sexual partners.
  • Married women or those living with their partners were least likely to have had multiple sexual partners.
  • Single men were more likely to have had multiple sexual partners (31%) than those who were widowed, divorced, separated, married or cohabiting.
  • 32% of men and 23% of women who were not married had not had a sexual partner in the last year, which are similar figures to that in 2000/01.
  • 93% of men said they had only had sex with women, and 1% per cent only had sex with men.
  • Less than 1 per cent of heterosexual men admitted that they had had a sexual experience with a member of the same sex.
  • Among both sexes, the percentages who had had multiple sexual partners tended to decline with age.

Other general trends

  • Women are now having more sexual partners during their lifetime.
  • It is now more common for partners to meet on the internet and there are multiple dating websites available now.
  • Condoms are now much more commonly used which will hopefully have an impact on the spread sexual transmitted infections and encourage people further to engage in safe sex.
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