The body and erogenous zones

Knowing your and your partner's body and erogenous zones will help your sex life inifintely.

This will help for you and your partner to become more initimate, and be turned on quicker more satisfied.

There are many methods of stimulating body parts which include pinching, licking, massaging, tickling, caressing, kissing, and gently blowing

The most excitable parts of the body vary from one person to another, but the most common erogenous zones are highlighted below.


  • Breasts:
    • They are very erogenous
    • Kissing the nipples causes great excitation
    • Caressing breasts causes hardening of nipples for the majority of women
    • The size of the breast does not influence the intensity of the pleasure
  • Her lips
  • Neck and ear lobes
  • Women tend to like playing with their hair or having it stroked
  • Around the belly button on her abdomen
  • The skin of the armpits is soft and very sensitive.
  • The buttocks, thighs and back of the knee
  • Ankles, feet and toes


  • A man is very sensitive to stimulation focused around his genitalia.
    • The man's penis remains the most erogenous zone.
    • The tip of the penis (glans) is the most sensitive part and thus most reactive to pleasure.
    • The testicles and the penile shaft, the back of the scrotum and the zone around the anus are very excitable.
  • The lips are erogenous zones which most men like to have kissed, licked or nibbled.
  • Kissing or biting the neck or ear lobes
  • Chest and nipples
  • Inner thighs
  • The back, buttocks, and anus
  • Feet and toes
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