Masturbation (or onanism), which originates from Latin, is to stimulate genitals to have or to give pleasure and reach orgasm.

According to many sex experts, masturbation is usually the first sexual experience for most people and therefore allows discovery of one's sexuality.

Masturbation is often not spoken about and remains a taboo in society.

Despite this, one UK study quotes that 95% of males and 89% of females admit to have masturbated.

Masturbation is normal, not harmful and helps to relieve sexual tension, but it is frowned upon in some religions and cultures.

Masturbation can be helpful and exciting for couples. It can also allow women to be more relaxed with a partner at the time of sexual intercourse.

Female masturbation

Female masturbation involves touching, stroking or massaging the clitoris or vagina. This can be performed by using your fingers or a sex toy, such as a vibrator. Sex toys are now more fashionable and socially acceptable. Many sex experts believe that a woman who regularly practices masturbation has an emancipated sex life.

Male masturbation

Men usually masturbate more than women and are often able to speak more freely about it. The majority of men masturbate by placing their hand around their penis and carrying out increasingly fast back and forth movements until orgasm is reached.
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