• The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek aphrodisiakos, from the name of the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite.
  • Aphrodisiacs are natural substances which aim to amplify desire and sexual capacities.
  • Many experts report that no product really has the property of creating or increasing sexual pleasure.
  • Many experts of course evoke the term "placebo" about aphrodisiacs.
  • Some people are convinced they make better love when using these products.
  • If you take occasionally aphrodisiacs on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, they may accentuate your desire and add a little variety to your sexuality.

The consumption of some aphrodisiacs can cause side-effects.

Some couples think that taking aphrodisiacs will solve their sexual difficulties. They do nothing but delay a 'medical' treatment: indeed, aphrodisiacs cannot solve the problems encountered by certain people in sexual relationships.

Medicine prescribed for erection disorders are not aphrodisiacs.

Do not buy aphrodisiacs over the Internet.

The list of food and plants which have aphrodisiacs effects is very long. Let us quote some:
  • Spices: nutmeg, cilantro, the cardamom, vanilla, ginger, cloves, anis seed.
  • chocolate, mustard, truffle, coffee, celery, clove, vervain, yolk, mint, liquorice, vanilla, savory, garlic, asparagus, fennel, oysters.
  • Ginseng: root of a plant which found in Asia or North America is the most famous and the most used. Ginger is a tropical plant close to orchises originating from the Eastern area of the Indies known for its aphrodisiac properties.
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Champagne
  • Frog's legs...

Dangers: do not forget that some aphrodisiacs can be dangerous

  • Cantharide can cause renal hemorrhage
  • Yohimbine is an vasodilator agent extracted from the bark of an African tree causes a surge of blood in the penis, facilitating erection. But be careful, it is toxic in high amounts and is contraindicated in case of liver abnormality, kidney failure or hypertension.
  • Mandrake, which resembles a phallus, is the root of a plant of the Mediterranean regions which contains many toxic substances.
  • Nutmeg, can cause cramps and intoxication in high amounts.
  • Bois bande, coming from the bark of a West-Indian tree, and of which the vasodilator agents effects have never been proved, may cause many side-effects.

Ask the opinion of a doctor or a pharmacist before taking certain plants in order to avoid overdoses and side-effects.

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