June 2018

According to a recent investigation, 80% of men and women practice fellatio.
  • Fellatio, kissing the sex, consists in taking the penis in the mouth or from the tip of the lips
  • A fellatio is a stimulation of the penis by a back and forth movement in the mouth
  • The fellatio is an act practiced by many couples and much in demand by men
  • Women can feel pleasure practicing fellatio.
  • Ejaculation in the mouth is not obligatory if the partner does not want to.

In case of oral lesions, a transmission risk of disease (AIDS, herpes, hepatitis B) is possible, and this without an ejaculation. Thus always use a condom if you are not sure of your partner.

The sperm of an HIV positive person can contaminate a partner during a fellatio. Wear a condom to avoid being contaminated by a STD or HIV virus.

Two HIV tests carried out at an interval of at least three weeks guarantee the absence of risk.

A study published in New England Journal of Medicine reports that to have fellatios with several partners worsens the risks to develop a rare form of throat cancer because of the multiplication of the papillomavirus.


La fellation
La fellation
La felación
La felación
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