Swinging: a depraved habit or an evolution in sexual practices?

Swapping partners and feeling libertine attracts each year more and more followers. This passion is facilitated by the development of Internet.

Is it better to go to a swinging club or to be unfaithful to one's wife or husband?
For many swingers, to go as a couple to a swinging club is more morally acceptable than to be unfaithful to one's wife or husband. A huge debate!

Partner swapping is defined by the practice of sexual relationships between consenting adults who exchange partners with the aim of sharing new experiences.

A swinging club is a place where couples can have sex between several consenting people: they can be private clubs or organised evenings for example.
  • There needs to be marital consent between the partners.
  • The couples come to try to break routine and monotony, to try other experiences, to test their solidity, to please their partner.
  • Most couples have, apart from their "swinging parties", a normal, conventional and banal life, and are not perverted.
  • Libertinism, exhibition, voyeurism: a significant proportion of people come to these places to observe other couples, to be watched, to relax, dance, sometimes without having sexual intercourse at all.

Some essential advice before trying this experience

  • It is necessary to be vigilant when one attends a swinging club with respect to the sexually transmitted diseases and the multiplication of the HIV (AIDS) virus. In general, condoms are distributed free of charge.
  • Protect yourself and follow all the available advice against contamination with HIV virus
  • Couples who to go swinging must be sure of their solidity because it happens that these experiences traumatise one of the two partners who cannot bear to witness sexual intercourse between his/her partner and other people and this leads to a separation.

Sexual relations are not obligatory during a partner swapping party. You must always remain free of your acts and always have the possibility of refusing sexual practices.
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