Sex toys

Sex toys, shackles, small ducks, vibrators, dildo, became within a few months very trendy and are displayed nowadays without any taboo.

Fashion and media seized on this phenomenon and exposed them in most female magazines.

Badly seen just few years ago, these objects became more accessible and largely overcame the "a little dreary" idea that used to exist for a long time.

The use of sex toys can also lead to a dependence for some people or some couples who cannot get rid of them. In this case, they probably mask underlying problems.

The permanent use of sex toys can be the sign of an imbalance in the couple.
  • Some sexologists advise their patients the use of sex toys to learn how to discover their bodies or to 'spice up' sexual intercourse.
  • Sex toys can allow women to learn to know themselves better, to direct their pleasure as they wish.
  • Sex toys can bring a little spice and awaken desire
  • Women using sex toys in their couple take their pleasure more into their own hands and "direct" their partner more.
  • The sex toy should not be a rival to men: the latter can have pleasure while playing with it, using it with their partner.
  • They can sometimes even represent true objects of rehabilitation.
  • These objects are only games and cannot solve a couple's problems. They can nevertheless help them to spice their sexual life.
  • Women feel little by little less guilty and all those who did not know sex toys or were ashamed to imagine to use them one day, start adopting them.
  • Women who do not dare to masturbate allow themselves to do so with sex toys
  • To use a vibrator or a dildo can help reach a solitary orgasm

Some sex toys

  • The remote-controlled pink egg: it is placed in the vagina and is withdrawn thanks to a small string left outside. A remote control can activate or deactivate it up to 10 meters.
  • Vibrating egg started up by another person
  • Chinese fingers: generally made of latex and decorated with grooves, these accessories are worn like a thimble, to be able to give more feelings to caresses
  • Vibrating finger: it functions with batteries, its speed is adjustable, makes it possible to stimulate the sex of the woman by an intimate massage.
  • Vibrating "lipstick"
  • Vibrating cone: women can sit down on it
  • Shackles: one of the most trendy sex toys nowadays for mock scenarii. The use of shackles is a game to subject one's partner, with his/her consent. A blindfold is sometimes used. The shackles covered with furs are very appreciated.


A vibrator can be used to caress the body of a woman alone or with her partner. Some are flexible, with spirals, with suction cups, waterproof, phosphorescent.

Vibrators help :
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • A vaginal stimulation using a dildo in which a vibrating device has been added


The dildo is intended for penetration: it is of a phallic form and does not vibrate.

It can be used by both sexes for solitary pleasure in the form of anal penetration.

Dildo can transmit sexually transmitted diseases and should not be shared without taking precautions. The use of a condom is recommended, in particular when it is in contact with several partners.

It is recommended not to use a dildo without a widened base or another mechanism limiting the penetration depth for anal penetration. Indeed, they could, once completely introduced be difficult to withdraw, even require an medical intervention.

Increased pleasure within the couple

These accessories can be used as a couple to spice up their sexual life. Some will be tempted to test new activities but others will have no pleasure in doing so. The purpose of these accessories is to increase pleasure, but should not become a handicap for a person who does not want to use them.
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