Benefits of Exercise on the Skeletal Frame and Muscles

Experts believe that exercise is essential for maintaining healthy bone development, muscle function, and joints.

These benefits can be seen in both children and adults.

Benefits of Exercise for Bones

Those especially at risk for weakened bones are individuals older than 70 years old and post-menopausal women.

The effects of exercise on the skeletal frame through the use of resistance machines stimulates the formation of bone tissue. Physical exercise also acts in a positive way on bone mass, density, and texture. Muscle strengthening exercises have positive effects on muscle power and endurance, especially in the case of middle aged people. Physical activity also benefits the mechanical properties of the bone by increasing its fracture resistance. Increased physical activity also leads to better ligament and tendon resistance.

The earlier that physical exercise is practiced, the greater the influence on bone quality and development. The more that the type of exercise varies from usual movements, the more effective it is in positive bone development.

Image: © Ijupco