Preventing Obesity with Physical Activity

According to various medical studies, any increase in physical activity is likely to reduce the risk of obesity.

It can prevent weight gain, especially in children and adolescents, making them less likely to develop health complications later in life.

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Obese People

Physical activity, in association with a healthy diet, helps to control weight, reduce risk of diabetes, increases muscle tone, and decreases abdominal adiposity (i.e. fat). For people who are overweight, physical activity can result in moderate weight loss and an increase in mental wellbeing.

An increase in the duration and intensity of physical activity is necessary if the specific aim is to prevent weight gain. For adults, increase the duration of moderately intense physical activity by 45 to 60 minutes per day. (Be sure to seek advice from your doctor before putting in place any modification of your exercise regimen.)

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