Choose your sport carefully

Enjoy yourself first

Participating in a sport should be considered fun and something you can commit to, as you are more likely to continue it for a long time. Be realistic or you will probably give it up after several weeks.

It is essential to enjoy yourself when choosing exercise and sports of your choice.

Don't rush: try several different sporting activities before making a decision

Try and test several different activities before committing yourself or spending hard cash in the purchase of equipment or a subscription to a gym.

It should be possible to alternate several different types of activities per week such as cycling and stretching exercises.

Don't force yourself

Don't force yourself otherwise the risk that you will give up too quickly is more likely.

Playing team sports

Playing in a team with other people is also popular. Consider badminton, netball, football, volleyball and rugby or join a running club.

Exercising in a gym

  • By joining a gym: you can practice many different exercises alone and in groups such as aerobics classes
  • There are fitness instructors to advise you and experienced gym users you can talk to.
  • Don't rush into registering for an extended period for example 1 to 2 years
  • It is better to pay a little extra and choose the right membership but for a shorter period of time, for example, one or two months, and then decide at the end of this trial period.
  • It is a well known fact that a high number of people who register for health clubs don't use them after a while

Exercising alone

If you do not particularly like the atmosphere of a gym or joining a team to play sports and you prefer being alone: try cycling, walking or swimming...

The outdoors and nature

If you like being outdoors and nature try go hiking, walking or cycling....
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