Practicing sport, exercising and protecting your heart

Practicing sport and protecting your heart

Here are a few simple rules to help avoid a heart-related problem when doing sports.

Warm up and hydration

  • Warm up approximately 10 minutes before starting
  • Drink some water approximately every 30 minutes

Be careful when the weather is cold or there is strong heat

Cold weather or heat requires that the sport activity is slowed down

Don't smoke

No smoking at least one hour before exercise and wait for two hours before smoking again after exercising.

Delay taking a shower by 10 minutes

Refrain from taking a shower during the 15 minutes following exercise.

Be especially careful when faced with fever, influenza or other diseases

No intensive sport should be practiced in the case of fever or after a flu.

Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any chest pains

If you experience any chest pain, palpitations or severe/unusual shortness of breath, faintness during or after exercise seek medical help immediately.