The hydration of sportsmen


When we do sports, we sweat copiously. As a consequence we lose a large amount of water very quickly.

Dehydration occurs - but this elimination of water at the subtle rate of 1% of body weight, dramatically decreases the muscular and physical performance by as much as 10%.

Good hydration is therefore essential to avoid the appearance of injuries such as tendonitis, cramps, fatigue, hyperthermia, digestive disorders, and reduction in performance. Water is essential to all physical exercise.
  • Loss of water during prolonged exercise can be rapid
  • Good hydration helps recovery.
  • Hydration must be sufficient: throughout the day prior to the sporting event as well as during and afterward the effort.

Hydrate before, during and after the effort

Drink sufficiently. Don't wait to be thirsty, especially when the weather is hot

Before effort

Drink still water generally 2 hours before exercise or event

During effort

Drink water in small sips: Every 10 to 15 minutes drink 2 large mouthfuls of 100 to 200 ml.

After the effort

Compensate for the loss of water by drinking water.

Drink between meals

Don't drink alcohol and don't smoke

Alcohol abstinence and refraining from smoking are essential when any physical activity is practiced

Wind, cold or hot weather

Drink more at high altitudes when the weather is either hot or cold in order to maintain the same effort.

Recognise the signs of dehydration

  • Good hydration is essential to maintain balance and a good body performance.
  • The water intake must compensate for the water losses for this balance to function correctly.

Moderate dehydration

Moderate dehydration can cause tiredness and exhaustion

Severe dehydration

A more severe dehydration causes a deterioration of the general state of the body requiring urgent medical treatment.
  • Confusion, loss of consciousness: if a weight loss of more than 4% occurs the state of confusion and/or loss of consciousness can be more severe
  • Sensation of being very thirsty during the effort
  • Heavy legs
  • Breathlessness
  • Muscular and tendon pain, sprains...
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