Football: benefits and contraindications

June 2018
Football is the most popular and practiced sport all over the world and it remains an intense and constant sport activity, which requires a good physical condition and regular training.

Health benefits

Improvement of the cardiovascular endurance: fast races, successions of repeated accelerations, improvement of the cardiac rhythm and the respiratory functions. Resistance and balance: muscular development and improvement of the center of gravity. Work on speed and skills.


Football remains a sport practiced by everybody which does not require particular physical competences. Be careful with:
  • Monophtalmia (the fact of seeing only with one eye) which can damage the valid eye.
  • From the age of 50: have a cardiac examination.

Accidents and pathologies

  • Pubalgia (tendinitis of the adductors),
  • Muscular accidents: often because the warm up was too short.
  • Articular accidents of the knee: meniscus and ligaments,
  • Ankle sprains.
  • Slight traumatisms: muscular contusions, hematomas, elongation, strains, tendinitis,
  • Heavy traumatisms: fractures of the shin and the fibula, violent shocks, cervical injuries.

Useful advice and equipment

  • During warming up:
    • Cardiovascular work by racing for 15 min,
    • Muscular work: stretching, flexing exercices,
    • Technical work: passes, shot a goal,...
  • Specific equipments:
    • Shin pads (mandatory in competition),
    • Studded sports shoes
    • For the goalkeeper: reinforced hips shorts and gloves.

Women's football

Even if it is still not well known and practiced, women's football attracts more and more female funs. The indications and contraindications are the same ones as for men but on the other hand we find specific characteristics to women's football:
  • Characteristics of the football player:
    • More often victim of head traumatisms and knee wounds than their male counterpart,
    • Necessary muscular reinforcement,
    • Fragile bones,
    • Lighter and more flexible,
    • Difficulty to take blows but greater resistance to pain.

Football - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Football - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Fútbol - Beneficios e inconvenientes
Fútbol - Beneficios e inconvenientes
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