Developing and strengthening one's thighs

Develop and firm up your thighs

Plump, tall or slim, what we all crave above anything are firm thighs! Take a quick look at some exercises to give you beautiful legs !

Shapely Quadriceps

Nothing is sexier than impressive quadriceps, don't you think? These muscles, located at the top of the thigh, can also lead to beautiful legs!
  • Position: Keeping your back and head straight, stand upright with feet apart aligned with your hips, and flex your arms with hands joined.
  • Exercise: gently lower down your legs to form a right angle while pushing your rear end backwards, then stand upright by pushing on the legs.
  • Program: 5 series of 10.
  • Alternative: back against a wall, go down until the legs form a 90 degree angle.

Reinforced Ischium leg muscles

These muscles, which are located behind the thighs, must not be neglected: they give shape to the back of the thigh, and when wearing a skirt they are rather attractive.
  • Position: on the ground, lying on your back, arms slightly open, palms towards the ground, bend up your legs (as for practicing abdominal exercises).
  • Exercise: push the pelvis upwards, then down again.
  • Program: 5 series of 20.

Slender Adductors

Adductors or inner thigh muscles, are the small muscles inside the thighs which are very easily covered by fat. The technique to tone them is to work along their length!
  • Position: upright, hands on the hips, legs wide open, the feet turned towards the exterior.
  • Exercise: bend the knees until the legs form a right angle. then gently return to the standing position.
  • Program: 5 series of 15.

Don't forget: to breathe out during the effort!

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