Developing one's abdominal muscles

Developping abdominal muscles

To have a flat stomach is the dream of each and every person! With this objective there is only one solution: to exercise one's abdominal muscles but gently....

Developping the major abdominal muscles

These abdominal muscles extend from under the rib cage to the pubis. They must be developed as a priority!
  • Starting position: lying on the ground face up, raise your legs so that they form a 90 degree angle with your trunk (rest them on a chair if you find this too difficult!). Put your hands behind your head, elbows pointing outwards and chin against your chest.
  • Exercise: raise your chest upwards in slow movements of low amplitude.
  • Program: 5 series of 20.
  • Be careful: not to arch your back!

Stimulate the oblique muscles and refine your waist and silhouette

By toning the oblique muscles situated on either side of your waist, you will improve and refine your waistline! Here is an easy exercise to develop your muscles without risk and without forcing.
  • Starting position: standing upright, legs separated in alignement with your hips, arms held down along the length of your body, a weight in the right hand (a dumbbell or a 1 litre bottle of water).
  • Exercise: gently lower your right arm while inhaling, leaving it along the length of the body, then lift up keeping your muscle contracted without forgetting to exhale!
  • Program: 5 series of 10 on each side.

Tips to tone up your abdominal muscles in daily life

No time to do these exercises every day? Here's two easy ways to tonify your stomach in just 5 minutes!
  • You are standing in front of the coffee machine or patiently waiting to take your bus home: this is a perfect occasion to practice contracting your abdominal muscles, without anybody noticing.
  • When walking, tighten your stomach muscles: this also will help you to achieve an elegant profile!
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