Shisha and Cannabis

Shisha is made up of 25% of tobacco mixed with molasses and a fruit flavor, which gives it an acidic and scented aspect. It is smoked through a water pipe, called a hookah. Cannabis is a plant that, when smoked, can produce psychedelic effects.

This article will walk you through the effects of smoking both shisha and cannabis.

Effects of Smoking Shisha

People that smoke shisha often believe that it is harmless and non toxic. The health risks of shisha are the same as those of cigarettes and include increased risk of cancer, chronic bronchitis, and cardiovascular problems.

Thirty to 50 puffs of shisha inhaled over an average time of one hour, is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes. Also, the rate of inhaled carbon monoxide through a hookah is seven times greater than in the smoke of a normal cigarette.

Hookah smoking exposes the smoker to an increased risk of microbial transmissions, such as tuberculosis, since smokers tend to use and share the same nozzle. The smoke released in confined places from shisha is a passive source of pollution to others.

Effects of Smoking Cannabis

It has been reported that one in two young people have already smoked cannabis and over 10% smoke it regularly.

For a long time, cannabis was thought to be less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. However, this is not necessarily the case. Cannabis produces more carbonic gases than tobacco, and smoking a cannabis cigarette is equivalent to smoking between two and a half and five normal cigarettes, one after the other.

The harmful effects that cannabis has on the lungs (i.e. wheezing and coughing) is directly proportional to the number of cannabis cigarette smoked. Experts have even connected a general rise in lung cancer cases to a rise in cannabis smoking. Studies have also shown that cannabis consumption increases the risks of developing a mental disorder and psychological problems, proportional to the quantity of cannabis consumed. Heavy users can also experience memory loss and a decrease in intellectual capacity and verbal activity.

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