How motivated are you to quitting?

At least 60% of all smokers want to quit, which is approximately 9 to 10 million smokers.
  • To succeed in quitting smokers must be committed and want give up, as the journey is tough and often takes more than one attempt before succeeding.
  • Smokers double their chances of quitting if they seek help and use products such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).
  • The smoking ban in public places has made it easier for smokers to quit or smoke less.
  • In order to succeed is it very important to think about your reasons for quitting and to focus on the health benefits of no longer smoking.
  • Many smokers are unaware of the help, support and products available to help them stop smoking.


Wanting to stop smoking is not always enough. Motivation is a crucial and very important step in succeeding.

Keeping Motivated

  • It is important to remain focused on your reasons for quitting. Having them written down or fixed in your memory will help get through difficult times during the quitting process.
  • Having friends and family around you, encouraging you and supporting you is vital when wanting to succeed. Tell them of your reasons and wishes to stop smoking so they too can remind you of how important it is to you to stop smoking.
  • Set yourself boundaries: avoid people, places or situations which will test your will power.
  • Set yourself small targets, and stick to them. For example, getting rid of all the ash trays in the house, or throwing away all the cigarettes you have.
  • Choose a good time to quit : avoid big social occasions where people might tempt you or the association of partying and smoking are particularly strong. Some find during the school holidays is a good time as children will encourage you and are excellent keeping you busy and distracting you.
  • Keeping active and exercising regularly will keep you healthy, help you remain focused and help you in succeeding to quit.
  • Take things hour-by-hour to start with, then one a day at a time etc.

For some smokers, during a holiday is not always a good time to quit, as the stress caused by returning back to work may cause a relapse.