The first signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Is early diagnosis useful?

Early diagnosis helps you plan for the future, and start available treatment. You will also be able to discover advice and support for both yourself and your family.

However, the diagnosis is not easy. In the UK, doctors sometimes use the term "Mild Cognitive Impairment" (MCI) if you are having problems with memory but do not have any other symptoms for a concrete diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

First signs: loss of memory of recent facts

Memory loss is generally the first sign of the disease.

For example:
  • Forgetting to take your medication, taking the wrong pills and doses...
  • Difficulties in dealing with bills
  • Forgetting your credit card PIN number
  • Forgetting recently accomplished tasks
  • Forgetting the content of a recently read text or email
  • Asking or repeating the same questions
  • Repeating the same gestures
  • Forgetting appointments
  • Forgetting where you keep everyday objects
  • Being unable to phone or use the phone, not knowing any more the numbers of relatives or not knowing how to find them
  • Forgetting a date or significant events of your life