Support and Guidance

Support and Guidance available on the NHS

Smokers will double their chances of quitting by using both medication and seeking professional support and guidance. Support can be either one to one or in small groups.

You can get free, support and advice from the following places;
  • GP surgery - either Doctor or nurse
  • Your local NHS stop smoking services
  • Your local pharmacist

You will receive advice and guidance on how to go about quitting, what products are available and following an assessment what medication would be suitable for you. As well as this practical support, you will be offered behavioural and cognitive therapy to help you adjust to no longer smoking and to deal with the many feelings and emotions you will experience along this giving up smoking journey. You can expect advice on the following;
  • How to deal and cope with stress
  • Resisting the urge to smoke
  • Causes, reasons and preventing a relapse.
  • Changing routines, habits and associations with smoking
  • Coping without your cigarettes and possible loss you may feel.

Help available privately

You may find that there are some specialists local to you that provide private consultations for helping smokers quit. They focus more on cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and hypnosis.

You may find that their qualifications and experience varies as well as cost ranging from £50 to £100 per consultation.

There are a few NHS consultants that normally specialise in respiratory medicine or addiction that offer private consultations for quitting smoking. Check with you local private hospital for more details.