Unapproved methods and scams

Increasingly more and more people wish to quit smoking, and there are many that look for alternative methods to help them. However, many of theses alternative methods have no evidence to support their success and are not validated by the NHS. Despite this, some people still find some of them useful. Listed below are some of these methods;

Alternative Methods

  • Hypnosis
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture)

Seeking help and support to help quit smoking always increases a person's chance of success.

These methods can be of help to people and they do not cause any side-effects.

Testimonials of people having stopped smoking after one or two sessions of acupuncture for example, do exist, but is this a placebo effect? A big debate...

Using "invalidated methods", that cost money, may be followed by feelings of failure and is likely to reinforce feelings of guilt and can decrease motivation to keep trying to quit.

Treatments to avoid

The "smoking-cessation" market is in demand and is attracting people and companies that offer `miracle' methods that make you quit smoking. Be wary of such claims especially those that involve injecting or taking a medication which are not recognised medications and therefore potentially unsafe.

Below are some treatments that are non invasive and may help with relaxation but will not alone make you quit smoking.
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Curing lights
  • Nicotine absorbing volcanic stones
  • Anti tobacco health jewels
  • Digitopuncture (type of massage)
  • Pre recorded tapes, CD's

The electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is used more in Europe and often recommended to smokers to help them stop smoking.

A capsule containing nicotine is placed in a tube resembling a cigarette.
Several types of cartridges are offered, ranging from high nicotine doses to a dose without nicotine.

According to its inventor "This cigarette seems to produce no toxic product, neither tar, nor other carcinogenic products, no odour released and can be used anywhere..."
This cigarette includes nicotine, an artificial flavour and glycol propylene.

Does it help a smoker quit smoking?

No scientific study has validated this type of quit smoking aid.
What is the exact composition of the produced smoke? When is nicotine amount delivered? Does not this product maintain the behavioural and gestural dependence of the consumption of cigarettes?

These are many unanswered questions, Care must be taken when using it and some evidence to prove it's success would be helpful.

This product is only sold on the Internet http://www.cigartex.com/
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