CPOA: Diagnosis, Treatment

Chronic Obliterating Atherosclerotic Arteriopathy (CPOA) of the lower limbs leads to a reduction of the artery size of the lower limbs and to cardiovascular risks.

This FAQ will walk you through the details regarding this disease.

Diagnosis of CPOA

CPOA is diagnosed using clinical evaluation and a screening test that examines systolic pressure index (SPI).

CPOA is especially a threat to the elderly and those suffering from diabetes.

Treatment of CPOA

Non medicinal treatment includes daily physical activity and therapeutical education. Giving up smoking, losing weight, and blood pressure decrease are other possible treatments.

Medicinal treatment includes platelet aggregation inhibiting drugs, statin, and angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

Intermittent claudication, or severe cramping of the legs, are discovered using doppler echocardiography, a walking test, or angiography. Medical treatment includes walking, vascular readaptation, statins, revascularisation, and Iliac or femoral endoprosthesis.

Permanent chronic ischaemia are treated similary, with the addition of pain killers, platelet aggregation inhibiting drugs, prostaglandines and vasodilators, anti-vitamin K medicine, and more. Acute ischaemia is treated with a surgical thrombectomy, thrombolysis in situ, and thromboaspiration.

Amputation is recommended in the case of irreversible damage to the tissues, chronic and permanent ischaemia, the impossibility of revascularisation, lack of positive reaction to the treatment, or the existence of a risk to the vital prognosis of the patient.

Its level is determined according to the extent of the ischaemia, cicatrisation possibilities, the functional preservation of the affected limb, bracing possibilities, and the readaptation possibilities of the patient.

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