Constipation: Introduction

June 2018

Constipation is a common intestinal disorder.

It is thought to affect 25% of people at some point in their life, and is especially prevalent within the elderly population.

Constipation can be very embarrassing and therefore is rarely discussed with doctors.

What is constipation?

  • The actual definition of constipation is complicated - as it is said that 90% of the western world population have a bowel habit ranging from 3 times a day to 3 times a week.
  • Generally speaking, constipation is a change in your usual bowel habit so you are less frequent, or that the stools become very hard to painful to pass.
  • Constipation may also cause other symptoms such as bloating, excess wind or abdominal pain.

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Troubles du transit intestinal
Troubles du transit intestinal
Trastornos del tránsito intestinal
Trastornos del tránsito intestinal
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