Dukan Diet : and after ?

75 % of the people who followed the Dukan diet more than 2 years ago regained all the weight they had lost in the first place. Here are the results of the first and biggest survey on this diet : "Dukan Diet : and after ?". It was conducted by the journalists of our French health websites Santé-Médecine and Journal des Femmes Santé.

The results contradict the positive feelings induced by the enthusiastic testimonies left on various forums by Dukan adepts, this diet being particularly popular in France and in western countries nowadays. We wanted to investigate and find out what happened to the people who had followed the diet 2, 3, 4 or even 5 years ago. Had
their weight stabilised?

We couldn't find any studies in the scientific literature that would take into account the long term results of the Dukan diet. That is why our journalists, along with the Survey department of CCM Benchmark Group, decided to launch a huge independent survey of which 4761 internet users responded. This study is not only about statistics, but it also confirms the hypothesis that methods of rapid weight loss with a very restricted diet are not efficient in the long term.

The results of this survey were published in the June issue of the scientific journal "Obésité". It shows the need for a more scientific and randomised study that would confirm these first results and that could evaluate the medical implications of maintaining this diet after several years.

Four medical experts analysed the results of this survey. They give their impressions as well as expert advice about how to lose weight in a healthy way and without regaining it after a few months.

Download the survey (.pdf)