Bronchitis - Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchitis is a bronchial inflammation. It can be caused by a virus (the most common situation), a bacterium or a fungus.
It often occurs after a nasopharyngitis. Nasal secretions then flow through the throat and then reach the bronchi.



  • Cough: This is the major bronchitis manifestation : that may persist for several days or even 2 weeks in some situations
  • Dry cough that becomes oily throughout the day: the child coughs fat, and makes purulent sputum
  • the acute phase of the bronchitis, including cough, develops on about 2 to 3 days
  • Rapid and difficult breathing

Other events

  • stuffy nose
  • thick secretions from the nose or throat
  • fever
  • chest pain and burning sensation at the sternum
  • fatigue, aches


  • Envisage a chest x-ray, also called thoracic radio.
  • Foresee antibiotic treatment, typically based on amoxicillin.
  • Foresee respiratory physio sessions.
  • Reduce fever.

See a doctor urgent

  • Frequent and violent cough episodes
  • If the child expectorates purulent sputums and / or containing traces of blood
  • If he whistles and has trouble breathing
  • If his lips are bluish
  • If the fever is higher than 39
  • If he's exhausted ...
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