Depression - Symptoms


Real depression or major depressive episode is not a simple wave to few days Soulreaper. It results in a specific set of symptoms, occurring over a minimum period of two weeks. If you are suffering from depression it is most important to consult your physician without delay for treatment.


Considering that nine symptoms express depression. They vary according to people.
Five of these symptoms are enough to consider you are depressed.

Symptoms associated with mood

  • sad and melancholy mood, expressed almost every day, often more pronounced in the morning than in the evening, sometimes leading to crying without motivation (particularly among women);
  • loss of interest in usual activities, general loss of pleasure and desire;
  • worthlessness of self, guilt, systematic and exaggerated doubt about the value of his actions or ideas;
  • recurrent thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts.

Symptoms associated with cognition

  • psychomotor retardation resulting in poor concentration, decreases alertness, memory lapses, difficulty to follow or participate in a conversation;
  • Indecision in the simplest choice.

Symptoms associated with physiology

  • significant change in weight (5% of body mass) loss or gain;
  • sleep disorder manifested by insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakening) or hypersomnia (frequent urge to sleep, consciously or unconsciously seek refuge in sleep will);
  • fatigue and loss of energy, difficulty performing efforts.