CCM Health Forum User's Guide

The CCM Health forum is an area for you to communicate with other CCM Health users. Forum contributors are all volunteers who want to help fellow users to locate information, and we ask that everyone in the community act courteously and welcoming of others during their visits to the forum.

Our Terms of Use outline the community rules and the guidelines to follow when posting to forums.

In order to ensure that all you all are able to enjoy a friendly and informative environment, moderators appointed by the CCM webmaster will delete any content that is offensive or that violates our Terms of Use.

The Various Health Forums

The CCM Health forum is divided into several topics: the Pregnancy forum, for messages concerning pregnancy; the Childbirth forum, for messages concerning delivering babies; the Babies forum, for messages concerning babies; the Allergies forum, for messages concerning allergies; the Asthma forum, for messages concerning asthma; the Tobacco forum, for messages concerning smoking; the Cancer forum, for messages concerning cancers; the Losing Weight forum, for messages concerning diets; and the Health forum, for general health-related messages:

The Interface

Your messages are shown on the main page of the forum. Contributions are sorted in descending order, with the newest messages at the top of the list. This means that, if you reply to a message from a week ago, that thread will move to the top of the forum's list:

The elements shown above include: number of replies to a thread; time and date of the latest reply, with replies made today shown in red; name of the user who posted the first message, with usernames of CCM members being clickable and leading to the users' profiles; user status; thread title; and a Latest reply option.

Reading Messages

From the main forum page, click the title to show its contents, i.e. the message you clicked and every reply to it.

Responses are hierarchical; this means that, in a discussion, you can respond to the first post (by writing your message in the Reply to this topic field), or by replying directly to another user (by clicking Respond to...). In the latter case, your message will be linked to the message to which you replied, but shifted slightly:

If you are logged in, you can browse chronologically (i.e. in the order in which the messages were posted) by clicking the small arrows on either side of the post number:

You can directly access the most recent post in the discussion by clicking the date to the right of the username next to Latest reply at the top of the topic:

Writing Messages

You can create a message (whether it's a reply or a new thread) using the Ask a question button on the main forum page or at the top of the topic page:

The first field is used for choosing the category. This helps other users who are experiencing a similar issue as you to locate your thread and the responses that you have received.

The second field is for creating a title for your message. The title is mandatory; this is what is shown in the discussion area. Therefore, it is essential to give your message a clear title that describes the problem succinctly.

Field three is for entering your message. If you are logged in on the site, you can edit your personal signature, or a short text that is automatically posted at the bottom of all of your messages.

The fourth field is for entering your user name. If you are logged in on the site, this field will be filled in automatically.

With field five, you can choose to receive all messages posted to the thread by e-mail, if you have entered your e-mail address correctly. This option should be used with caution, as every reply to the thread will cause an e-mail to be sent automatically to your inbox:

N.B. If you are a member of CCM Health and are logged in on the forum, you can edit your own message for a few minutes if no one has replied to it. To do so, return to your contribution to the thread and click the Edit button. This lets you fix spelling errors or broken links:

Lastly, the Report button lets you report messages that violate the site's Terms of Use:


Our ultimate goal is to provide a pleasant reading experience for the community while on the forums. This is why we ask that you avoid using text message-style spelling and verify that your messages contain as few mistakes as possible. A message that is written in shorthand or one that is hard to read due to the number of spelling errors may be deleted to make the forum more pleasant for the community:

If you'd like to write a message in a language other than English, our moderators can direct you to post on a forum on one of our sister sites in any of our supported languages: French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian.


Your editing options on the CCM Health forums is limited to make messages more easily legible.

However, you can use bold, italic, and underlined text by placing it between the HTML code for bolding, italicizing, and underlining text, as well as formatting text as code. To do this, you can use the text editor tool that is built into the message field, which allows you to format text and insert images:

Or, if you are familiar with HTML code, you can skip using the editor tool and enter your own code directly into your message:

To bold text, place it between the code < bold> and < /bold> (without the spaces):
Example of a message in bold

To italicize text, place it between the code < ital> and < /ital> (without the spaces):
Example of a message in italics

To underline text, place it between the code < underline> and < /underline> (without the spaces):
Example of an underlined message

Format coded text by placing it between the tags < code> and </ code> (without the spaces). With this feature, the formatted text will stay formatted the way you want it to. This tool is particularly appropriate for snippets of code that requite a specific layout:

Example of a formatted message.

You can add hyperlinked text simply by entering the URL (it must begin with http:// or www.). You also may create a named hyperlink by entering the URL within brackets (again, it must begin with http:// or www.), then the keyword, separated by at least one space:

Example of a named hyperlink

You may create a link to a CCM Health article by entering the link in single brackets followed by one space and the text that you would like to appear:

Message Search

With the search field at the top of the Forum and Health Tips pages, you can search for a subject in CCM forums and articles:

To search for a subject, type keywords separated by spaces. For example, if you have a problem finding pregnancy tips, type the following string into the search engine: pregnancy tips.

The search engine isn't case-sensitive, which means that it doesn't matter which letters are typed in uppercase and which are in lowercase.

Additionally, all occurrences of each word are included in your search, so the search pregnancy tips will return all messages that include the following words: pregnancy, pregnant, tips, tip, etc.

With the dropdown menu located to the left of the search field on the Health Tips page, you can search for articles in a specific topic:

By default, all discussion areas are searched. This option is not available for Forum pages.
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