Terms of Use for CCM Health - Legal Matters

April 2018

Obeying the Law

Internet users often think cyberspace is a special legal jurisdiction. However, every website, and by extension, all of its users, are still subject to the laws of whichever country the site is hosted in. For this reason, kioskea and its users are required to obey the law.

Among those things which are prohibited, and may lead to prosecution:
  • Attacks on other people's privacy (naming third-party individuals without their explicit consent). To that end, sending unsolicited electronic messages to users of this site is prohibited;
  • Libel and slander;
  • Calling for crimes and misdemeanors to be committed; promoting suicide, discrimination, hatred (especially racism) or violence;
  • Condoning any crimes, especially murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity; denial of crimes against humanity;
  • Reproducing, depicting, or distributing any work which is subject to intellectual property rights without approval to do so;
  • Advertising or commercial messages;
  • Discussions about copying commercial software for any use other than making a backup copy under the conditions allowed by the intellectual property code.


Effet placebo - Guéris par la seule conviction !
Effet placebo - Guéris par la seule conviction !
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