Terms of Use for CCM Health

April 2018


Health.ccm.net gives free and open access to a great number of documents within various health disciplines.

Health.ccm's files are written by Dr Pierrick Hordé in collaboration with health professionals or journalists.

As a place to exchange ideas and to discuss, accessible to all,
enables anyone to ask questions about a medical subject discussed in any of our online documents.
Professional users who participate on forums do it on their own initative, and are fully responsible for their comments. Their participation is utterly voluntary and free-of-charge and is not based on any commercial agreement of any kind with health.ccm.net.

All the available information and messages on health.ccm.net cannot replace a doctor's advice or consultation.

Rules to be followed

The questions asked by users and their answers by other users must follow the terms of use of this website. And especially the rules below:
  • Using the forum messages for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.
  • The messages must follow current legislation. Doing any of the following is prohibited:
    • Attacks on other people's privacy (naming third-party individuals without their explicit consent)
    • Libel and slander
    • Calling for crimes and misdemeanors to be committed; discrimination, hatred (especially racism) or violence... the list is not exhaustive.
    • Reproducing, depicting, or distributing any work which is subject to intellectual property rights without approval to do so.
  • The questions must be short and precise and must not constitute a lengthy presentation of a very complex personal case which would risk being explained badly or misunderstood.
  • Messages which disobey these rules will be deleted by the moderators.

Internet users are invited to remind tactless users the rules of the forum and report such messages to the moderators through the use of alerts. (click on "alert a moderator" on the left side of every message)

The forums

The forum is a place to exchange ideas open to anyone and where any subject can be approached.
No medical diagnosis can be made on the forums.
  • Any kind of advertising for a doctor, a medical establishment, medicine, a laboratory is forbidden.
  • Similarly, the name or the contact details of doctors cannot be cited
  • It is forbidden to call for drug, alcohol, or tabacco consumption, or to call to stop a treatment without medical advice.
  • The forums are moderated after the event by moderators. They are monitored by a doctor who cannot be consulted online.
  • Let us state again that all the available information and messages on health.ccm.net cannot replace a doctor's advice and consultation.
  • If you find a message chocking you can report it on the forum.
  • health.ccm.net will delete any message which is considered to be in oppostion to its terms of use.


Users are responsible for the questions they ask and the answers they offer and are not the responsability of health.ccm.net Internet users are solely and fully responsible for using the information found in the documents and the forums.

Reading the documents and answers offered in forums cannot replace a doctor's consultation.

In no circumstances can direct or indirect dammages be sought from health.ccm.net.
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