Terms of Use for CCM Helth - Commercial neutrality

June 2018

Cultural and commercial neutrality

In order to preserve the commercial and cultural neutrality of the health.kioskea.net forum, users are prohibited from posting messages which include an URL inviting users to visit a site, unless the link provides an answer to a particular question asked by someone on the forum, or news related to the forum topic.

Messages asking for users' opinions on a particular website or recommending an address are tolerated on the condition that:
  • A single message is posted in a single forum. Otherwise, these messages will be deleted
  • The URL in question is not for an affiliate programme, a website offering advice

For the same reasons, URLs are not permitted in the signature.

Religious, Political, and Cultural Neutrality

The health.kioskea.net forums are open to everyone, people of any age, culture, and faith. For the purpose of preserving the religious neutrality of the site and avoid any proselytism, all users are requested not to post their religious or political views in their signatures or profiles.


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Produits de beauté BIO du monde
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