Asthma complications can easily be avoided

Delayed diagnosis

Many asthmatics suffer from asthma symptoms for months, sometimes years before being diagnosed.

Many studies show that asthmatics are still insufficiently treated.

In 2002, a European study `AIRE' (Asthma Insights and Reality in Europe) reviewed 753 European children and concluded they were insufficiently controlled, under-treated and seldom monitored properly.

Avoidable deaths

The mortality figures resulting from an asthma attack have dropped and stabilised over the past few years, however, more than 1500 people still die of asthma each year.

Many of these lives could have been saved

Inappropriate treatments still exist

Unfortunately many unorthodox treatments for asthma still exist such as aromatherapy and homeopathy. These treatments are not recommended and are scientifically unproven.

Asthma treatments are based on an international consensus recognised by all the respiratory experts and organisations.

Asthma if left untreated can cause remodelling of the airways and in severe cases death can occur.

Regular monitoring, review and evaluation of medication is required, with yearly lung function tests as a minimum.
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