See your GP to get diagnosed

In order to correctly diagnose asthma, most children especially under the age 12 are seen and assessed by a paediatric doctor or a GP and Nurse with a specialist knowledge in asthma. Most adults are seen and assessed by their GP or asthma nurse in the surgery.

Lung function and reversibility tests are carried out and if necessary allergy testing also.

Asthma clinics are run by doctors and nurses with specialist knowledge and it is their role and responsibility to ensure asthmatics are accurately diagnosed and adequately monitored and treated

Do not hesitate to talk about it with your GP and to ask for investigations if you suspect your have asthma.
  • Indeed, episodes of cough, breathlessness, respiratory discomfort, repetitive bronchitis can be signs of asthma.
  • A lung function test will enable a doctor to diagnose asthma. All asthmatics must have a asthma check at least once a year, even in the absence of symptoms...

It can be difficult to diagnose a child under the age of 5. However, you should not wait until the child is 5 to have them tested: the earlier asthma is diagnosed and treated, the more likely the child will live normally and see his asthma improving. Otherwise, asthma may worsen.

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